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Com4Innov is part of the pan-European federation of infrastructures of XIFI

  The Association Plate-forme Telecom accredited CIR
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FIWARE Lab Federation

The frequency band 2300 MHz TDD was authorized by ARCEP and the Ministry of Defence to Com4Innov and allows testing on a 10MHz channel in Sophia Antipolis in this unique band 40 in France.
users can test their estimated equipment at band 40 deployed particularly in Asia but also in Australia and Africa, or test the band 40 impacts on the networks of the spectrum reserved for WIFI.

The integration of WiFi Calling in the Com4Innov infrastructure allows the platform users to access this new technology for their application or equipment testing but also allows Com4Innov to expand its 4G  / LTE / IMS / RCS services and other services in the field of the Internet of Things, regionally, nationally and internationally.
Hardware and software update of the emulator Mobipass® of Ercom, which now supports 3 antenna sectors (2 FDD sectors, 1 TDD sector) on one of the antenna sites of Com4Innov in Sophia Antipolis.
IPV6  supported for 4G data access in Com4Innov. Also Com4Innov’s 4G dongles support both IPV4 and IPV6
la 5G fait partie prenante de la révolution vers la Société en Réseau et changera encore un peu plus les habitudes des consommateurs tout en favorisant la création de services innovants pour les particuliers comme pour les entreprises
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