Com4Innov & the Future Internet

XiFi is a project of the FI-PPP European program dedicated
to the Future Internet.

Com4Innov is now part of the pan-European federation of infrastructures of XIFI.


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VIDEO | Interview

The importance of the ecosystem to foster innovation

Interview of Philippe Bessaguet
President of the Plate-forme Telecom Association

Upcoming events
Meet Com4Innov @ the SCS Cluster briefing on the Internet of the Future
September 15, 2014
Business Pôle, Sophia | September 15th, 2014 | 10h - 12h30
The platform is equipped with SBG & MRS that enrich the IMS services of Com4Innov
Upgrade of the platform LTE / IMS of Com4Innov
New tool on the platform: Multi Protocol Test Suite
la 5G fait partie prenante de la révolution vers la Société en Réseau et changera encore un peu plus les habitudes des consommateurs tout en favorisant la création de services innovants pour les particuliers comme pour les entreprises
The ROHC available on the platform Com4Innov
Another new implementation of Com4Innov : DRX/DTX
Com4Innov evaluates its network coverage with TEMS Investigation tool
IPV6 now supported for 4G data access in Com4Innov. Also Com4Innov’s 4G dongles support both IPV4 and IPV6
What's new
29 Jul
Business Pôle, Sophia | September 15th, 2014 | 10h - 12h30
Meet Com4Innov @ the SCS Cluster briefing on the Internet of the Future
17 Jul
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Bologna, Italy | 23 june 2014
XIFI at EuCNC 2014: Test beds for Networks and Communications Community: an Untapped Potential
01 Jul
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Palais du Pharo, Marseille | September, 23rd 2014
Meet Com4Innov @ the M2M Innovation World Congress
26 May
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