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  FIWARE Accelerator Programme
Call for projets


Com4Innov is part of the pan-European federation of infrastructures of XIFI

  The Association Plate-forme Telecom accredited CIR

Introduction to FIWARE

An overview of FIWARE, FIWARE Lab and FIWARE Operations

New LTE phones in the Com4Innov LTE terminals library : LG G3, iPhone 5S... and more to come !
The platform is equipped with SBG & MRS that enrich the IMS services of Com4Innov
Upgrade of the platform LTE / IMS of Com4Innov
New tool on the platform: Multi Protocol Test Suite
la 5G fait partie prenante de la révolution vers la Société en Réseau et changera encore un peu plus les habitudes des consommateurs tout en favorisant la création de services innovants pour les particuliers comme pour les entreprises
The ROHC available on the platform Com4Innov
Another new implementation of Com4Innov : DRX/DTX
Com4Innov evaluates its network coverage with TEMS Investigation tool
IPV6 now supported for 4G data access in Com4Innov. Also Com4Innov’s 4G dongles support both IPV4 and IPV6
What's new
19 Dec
N° 8 | Decembre 2014
Enews Com4Innov
17 Dec
14 january 2015 | 9:30 - 12:30 | Living Lab Paillon, Nice
Réunion Projet européen | démonstrateurs à large échelle d’objets connectés
17 Dec
Press review
Sophia Mag / dec 2014 - fev 2015
Com4Innov, at the service of Telecommunications and Internet of Things
04 Dec
Press review
Select Antipolis / dec 2014 - jan 2015
Com4Innov: what’s that?
02 Dec
Welcome to CLOUD CONNECTE, new member of the Com4Innov platform!
03 Nov
Relay Info | FIWARE Program
Call for proposals opening by the FI-C³ Accelerator
26 Sep
Member News | Press review
Presentation of the NVIDIA SHIELD TABLET 4G, tested on Com4Innov platform !
26 Sep
Welcome to ERCOM, new member of the Com4Innov platform!
26 Sep
Member News | Press Release
Unmatched realism in the simulation and optimization of 4G Mobile Networks
15 Sep
N° 7 | September 2014
Enews Com4Innov